VoIP/Phone Systems

Imaging a phone system that’s not only complicated but also costs a lot to keep running. Many business face this challenge, making communication more of a headache than help. The good news is that our managed VoIP services are here to solve that problem.

We go beyond traditional communication methods that can be complicated and expensive. We improve collaboration by allowing smooth communication with features like video calls, instant messaging, and unified communications. This is not only useful for teams that work in-house but for teams that work remotely as well.

As businesses deal with the challenges of the digital age, we give organizations the power to use the modern communication technology, ensuring they keep up with the latest trends and stay ahead of the competition.

What's Included?

Cost Savings Up To 50%
Revolutionize your communication and slash costs in half with our VoIP services! We offer a streamlined, cost-effective, and technologically advanced approach to communication, ensuring that your organization operates efficiently in the digital age.

Softphone for PC, iOS, and Android apps
Softphones have gained popularity, especially in business environments due to their cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and the growing trend of remote work. At CB Tech, we offer softphone service for PC, iOS, and Android platforms to help businesses make cost-effective or even free calls over the internet.

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