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We believe businesses that don’t tap into the power of IT risk falling behind, have increased costs, limited scalability option and hidden data security risks. They have to face several challenges that lower their productivity and stop them from achieving their full potential.

At CB Tech Services, we enable businesses to drive much-needed competitiveness with the help of technology. From managed IT solutions, cybersecurity measures, and VoIP/Phone systems to Microsoft 365 and more, we offer an array of services that transform the way you run your business. It’s not just about optimizing your business –we also help homeowners get rid of the problems they may have with their WiFi, computer, software, and more.

Get in touch today to empower your tomorrow. We’re provide 24/7 support and go all out to make your IT woes a thing of the past.

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What We Offer

IT Support

Need proactive IT support on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis? We overcome weaknesses in your IT infrastructure and take its performance to the next level.

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Cyber Attack Protection

Cyberattacks could lead to significant financial and reputational damages. Add extra layers of protection around your data and keep your integrity where it needs to be.

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Microsoft 365

Traditional working methods don’t deliver results. Create, collaborate, and communicate on cloud and make your workflow truly efficient with Microsoft 365.

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Phone Systems/VOIP

Businesses have to spend excessive amounts on communication. Save big by moving to VoIP systems and make calls from anywhere, anytime.

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WiFi Coverage

Having low WiFi signal is frustrating. Maximize your WiFi coverage and get uninterrupted supply in all corners of your home and business.

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Critical Incident Response

Malware & Virus removals, Data Recovery, Ransomware help available 24/7. Call us immediately if you are impacted!

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